(2009 - Present)

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BORDERLANDS addresses the ongoing refugee crisis, the rise of nationalism and its impact on the United States, Germany and parts of Europe through video and painting. In addition to documenting people in different situations via video, I have been working on a range of paintings that focus on individuals and places I encountered during my travels in the US and Germany.

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Headless/Breathless is a meditation on various forms of violence, and specifically violence that develops as result of wars and ideologies of supremacy. This ongoing set of paintings depicts perpatrators and victims. In some instances however, it is unclear if the body we are looking at is that of a violator or violated. 

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War Landscapes

Landscapes record a particular time, its people and their actions. While landscape's historical role has been to establish sites of the imaginary and the ideal, I also understand it as a site of contemporary conflicts that often go unseen.