A young soldier sleeps, open-mouthed, bare head,

His nape by the cool watercress of the river bed.

Asleep; under the clouds, upon the grass he lies,

Pale, in his green bed where rays fall from the skies.


Feet stretched among the gladioli, sleeping still.

Smiling in slumber, as children do when they are ill.

Earth, do keep him warm. Be kind. He is cold.


His nostrils don’t quiver with the fragrant wind;

One hand across his breast, he sleeps in the sun,

He is at peace. In his right side, two red holes.


Arthur Rimbaud, excerpt from: Asleep In the Valley (October 1870)


Headless/Breathless is a meditation on various forms of violence, and specifically violence that develops as result of wars and ideologies of supremacy. This ongoing set of paintings depicts perpatrators and victims. In some instances however, it is unclear if the body we are looking at is that of a violator or violated. 

































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