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The Aleppo Room takes place in Berlin, Germany and focuses on a small group of guides most of who have been displaced from Syria. The three Syrian women and one Iraqi man featured here are part of "Multaka." The aim of Multaka is to provide museum tours free of charge to recently arrived refugees. These museum tours generally take place in the Museum for Islamic Art (which is located inside the Pergamon Museum) and the German History Museum.

The guides Zoya, Salma, Rita and Hussam discuss artifacts and art objects not simply based on factual knowledge. Instead, they try to explain why their chosen objects matter to them, how they relate to these objects on a personal, more intimate level and how the current situation of many refugees is echoed in these art objects. The Aleppo Room was released in September 2017 and premiered at the Museum for Islamic Art in the Pergamon Museum, Berlin in January 2018.

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